In addition to providing the local communities with ongoing opportunities in education and performance, the core values of the A&E Center are: 

• ALL AGES – programs for children, teens, adults, and elderly

• OPENNESS – transparency, fairness and openness in governance

• SUSTAINABILITY – ensure financial security

• AFFORDABILITY – low fees, scholarships



The Three Oaks Arts & Education Center (A&E Center) is a non-profit service organization to Three Oaks, Michigan and surrounding areas in Michiana.

The A&E Center provides courses and workshops for adults, teens, and children.  It has a highly diverse set of offerings, everything from Yoga and Tai-Chi to Improv and music classes.

Children can focus on subjects not emphasized in the public schools like art and music; teens can get together for activities they enjoy like using a recording studio; a place where grownups can meet, have exercise classes, be in a community choir, and pursue cultural/educational opportunities.

We do our best to provide excellence in course and workshop offerings. We have lots to offer, check out our current course listings and keep checking back because it’s updated frequently. 

Seeking New Instructors!

Attention: Do you have an art, craft, or arts related skill you’d like to share? The A&E Center is available for you to offer a course, or a one time workshop to the public. Please get in touch with us to discuss and make arrangements. Join the arts, crafts, and creativity center of Michiana. Call 269-409-1191.