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Now offering Tuesday classes in T’ai Chi 

The Three Oaks Arts & Education (A&E) Center is offering T’ai Chi classes on Tuesdays from 10-11am (eastern time), starting January 9. The classes will be led by Edward Vanek. Vanek teaches the Cheng Man-ch’ing style of T’ai Chi, developed by Yang Lu-ch’an, and Vanek traces his own knowledge of the subject directly back to Yang.

“In 2005, the Accident and Compensation Corporation, a New Zealand government body, paid older adults throughout the country to attend T’ai Chi classes in an effort to prevent injury from falling,” Vanek says. “Why? Because studies have shown that practicing T’ai Chi reduces falls by seniors by 45 percent—almost half. Fewer falls means lower healthcare costs and less pain and rehabilitation time. And this is just one benefit from learning and practicing T’ai Chi.”

Cost of the lessons is $10 per session. For more information, contact Donna Mitchell by email at, or by phone at 269-409-1191.