The Recording Studio

The recording studio was conceived by Garth Taylor and Evan Margol in the winter of 2015 and built in the spring and summer of 2015. The studio features multiple rooms interfaced via a custom built audio cable run from the large live room into the main control room. Both the large live room and the main control room are treated with 4’x2’x4″ acoustical bass trap panels from the respected sound treatment company Real Traps to control reverb, echo and frequency response patterns. 

Our facility is great for recording anything from a 40 person choir, rock bands to solo singer-songwriters. We offer up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording with up to 4 individual monitor mixes for the musicians to monitor each other and their instruments however they need.

Studio rates are $20 an hour for local community members plus an additional fee for an A&E certified recording engineer. Additional gear and services are provided via request ie. tube and solid state mic pre-amps, tube guitar amplifiers, condenser/ribbon microphones, acoustic and electric guitars, effects, eq’s and dynamic processors.

Past recordings include local artists Chris Kang, The Three Oaks History Project, The Harbor Country Singers and many local area singer songwriters looking to record their demos.

We are offering free recording time to local area musicians to get their demos recorded quickly and effortlessly.

Please contact Evan Margol at for additional questions regarding recording at the A&E Center.