Composing Music I

Composing Music I

Instructor: D. Garth Taylor     
Contact: 269-409-1191

Age range: Middle/High School, 1 to 5 students

Starting Thursday, January 12th at 11:00 AM for 14 weekly sessions of 1 hour.

Cost: $300.00.  Scholarships available

Learn to:  Hear the rhythm and melody in daily life and write it as a tune in musical notation

  • Write tunes with chords and accompaniment (known as a Lead Sheet, they type of musical score used by rock/pop/jazz musicians)
  • Write tunes in several different American Musical Tradition – country, rock, bluegrass, etc.,  Transpose songs to accommodate needs of singers or instrumentalists,  Export the lead sheet as a .pdf, .wav, .mp3 or .mid file for playback


  • Familiarity with music notation (treble clef notes, time values, rests, sharps/flats)
  • Laptop computer with free MuseScore software installed and tested

(; and ability to print .pdf files at home with your laptop

These classes cover material required for the follow-up class: COMPOSING MUSIC II