Music Ensemble

Music Ensemble

Instructor: D. Garth Taylor       
Contact: 269-409-1191

Age range: Middle/High School 3 to 5 students

Call to schedule start date, Wednesday, at 2:00 PM.
10 weekly sessions of 90 minutes

Cost: $260.00     Scholarships available

Description: Develop your musical technique and performance skills by playing in a band. The Music Ensemble will put together a small group of instrumentalists of a compatible skill level (including but not limited to guitar, bass, violin, flute, and piano) who will meet each week in a group lesson to learn/rehearse a repertoire of music; and then perform this repertoire in public settings, i.e. parks, Farmers Market, A&E Center recitals, etc. The music repertoire is based on American Music Styles: rock, folk, country, blues, bluegrass, jazz, religious. The repertoire will be presented in such a way that students are learning bite-size chunks of musical theory along the way. As the course develops, the learning will extend to improvisational techniques.

Requirements: Basic musical knowledge: the chromatic scale, ability to recognized notes on the treble clef staff, some sight reading. Guitar players should know how to build major/minor chord triads in the easy keys. Other instruments should be able to comfortable read and perform a melody line.